Psychosexual Psychotherapy

Psychosexual psychotherapy is for individuals or couples that might be affected by issues such as erectile or ejaculatory difficulties, lack of desire or arousal, pain with penetration, non-consummation, body image issues or general lack of satisfaction with their sex life. Whether a client will benefit most from individual or couples sessions will be discussed during the initial assessment.

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Relationship and Couples Work

People in committed relationships may find that after a while certain arguments or patterns of behaviour may become increasingly unmanageable, despite one’s best intentions. Relationships might get stuck or lose their lustre. Sexual desire or satisfaction may diminish. Affairs or other ‘exits’ might get in the way. We synthesise a variety of creative tools and approaches to offer insight into why these issues might have arisen and how to move forward.

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Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

Using sex as a mood stabiliser (in person or online), out of control sexual behaviour or experiencing shame before, during or after sexual activity are all traits that could point towards an unhealthy relationship to sex and potential compulsive sexual behaviour/ sex addiction. We are qualified to help with related issues arising on a personal and relational level.

Chem Sex

We offer individual and group treatment for compulsive sexual behaviour coupled with illicit substance use.

Sexual Offending

For clients that have offended sexually and are going through the arraignment process, or for those who may be toeing the line, we would offer specialist intervention following an initial assessment.

Partners Work

We also work with the partners of those who might engage in compulsive sexual behaviour. The partners often struggle with questions around their partners’ behaviour, or even their own sanity and self-worth, as well as the best way forward for themselves in terms of whether and how to maintain the relationship. During the initial assessment we would discuss whether individual or couples’ sessions would be most appropriate.

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Mood Difficulties

While experiencing sadness or some anxiety are all part of life, such feelings can become overwhelming and limit one’s ability and willingness to engage with the world. Often, mood disorders underpin the problematic behaviours that one might resort to in order to mask the unpleasant feelings – alcohol or illicit substance misuse, sex or isolation are examples. We work at depth with the underlying issues, while offering tools to manage the problematic behaviours.

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