We take your privacy very seriously.

We collect data in two ways; either through our website, or in person before the initial assessment. In the former case we collect your name and contact details, which we need in order to respond to a query. In the latter case we collect your name and contact details in order to arrange appointments and notify you of any potential changes as and when necessary and we also collect the names and contact details of your next of kin and General Practitioner in order to alert them in case of emergency (ideally with your permission in advance) or to liaise with them (always with your explicit permission) in order to coordinate treatment.

Where you have given us your contact information through the online form, we store your details electronically, on the WordPress.com servers (please refer to their privacy policy here). Where we collect your details in person, we store hard copies in a locked cabinet, only accessible to the Directors of the organisation and their therapeutic executor(s).

We will never sell your data to third parties and we will only ever use it as detailed above and with your explicit permission in advance for anything else, for example if you have asked for further information on a group or workshop we might be running.

We also take brief notes after each session. These remain confidential within the organisation and locked in a filing cabinet accessible only by the company Directors and therapeutic executor(s). Session excerpts may be taken to supervision, as detailed in your contract.

Our ICO Registration Certificate reference is ZA455315.