We use rooms in Liverpool Street and London Bridge (Giuseppe), or Mayfair and Marylebone (Marietta), all of which are easily accessible by public transport. Pay-and-display parking is also available near by. Please note that all venues are within the Congestion Charge zone.

Please use the form below to get in touch, but please keep it brief and do not share any information that you would not be comfortable sharing in a potentially non-confidential setting. We do not need to have any details of the presenting issue in advance of the initial appointment.

If you would like to arrange an initial appointment with one of our therapists, it would be helpful to know the times and locations that would work best for you. We will then get back to you with availability. Please note that we currently have very limited availability.

Please make a note if it is a lower cost appointment that you would require, so we can inform you of current or upcoming availability or other options.